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ABCZ Consulting Corp.  400 Marlborough Rd. Brooklyn, NY 11226. Call: 917-803-9156.
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Call: 917-803-9156.
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About Us - ABCZ Consulting Corp.
ABCZ Consulting Corp. was establish by Mr. “Ahmet Peksen” in 2008 as a Lead Paint Abatement and Removal Contractor company to remove lead based paint. Ahmet worked over the years by several construction companies, including Environmental Go Green Contractors, and was a Construction Supervisor at “Proton Restoration” Company in 2006.. In 2008 Ahmet established his own Environmental Construction Company “ABCZ Consulting Corp..”. Continuing on in the  field over the years, Ahmet's  Company developed into a brand name by management companies and contractors to remove Violations.

ABCZ Consulting Corp. only uses New York State EPA Licensed Lead Based paint workers and carpenters as required by the NY State law, Our workers are all trusted individuals and are very well versed with the EPA Lead Paint Regulations for Lead Based Paint Construction Removal and the NYC local law 1 for Lead Based Paint Removal.

ABCZ Consulting Corp. is very careful with the lead based paint dust which is a hazard for the tenants and the apartments residents. ABCZ Consulting Corp. will never leave a job-site without properly cleaning all the  dust, due to the hazards and to make sure the owners don’t get fined with a Hazards Violation from the New York City government.we clean the job sites every day after we finish the work that takes about thirty minutes, ensuring you that the job is done to perfection,

ABCZ Consulting Corp. is highly recommended by all home owners and contractors  for our Lead Paint Removal and cleanliness. As of yet, ABCZ Consulting Corp. has done Lead Based Paint Abatement, Inspection and Removal in New York City and Five Boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and in the NY Metro Area.  Call us today for a free Estimate at 917-803-9156. 
About ABCZ Consulting Corp.
"We are responsible to remove your lead paint violations from the city’s website".