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Welcome to ABCZ Consulting Corp. We offer lead removal  for new York city home owners and real estate management’s, we remove in the last 4 years hundreds of HPD and NYC department of health violations. We also inspect old buildings to see if there is a lead paint poisoning in the apartments. We also offer XRF and dust wipes testing inspection for all contractors, our workers are licenses with EPA licenses, we also remove violations by going down to the HPD to remove the 617-616 lead based paint violation. We work on dismissal HPD inspections by removing old A.B.C. Violations in new york . We work on big health department jobs to secure the apartments for the tenants to live without lead paint danger. when we remove the lead paint from walls or ceilings we follow all the rules from the new York city local law 1.
  ABCZ Consulting Corp. is a responsibility company we have the highest recommendations from the new York city inspectors as the best #1 lead paint removal company in Brooklyn new York. at this point, we ABCZ Consulting Corp. offer lead abatement, and lead paint inspection, HPD and new York city department of health lead paint violations removal, so call now 917-803-9156 for lead based paint work  in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and lead inspection new York call 917-803-9156. ABCZ Consulting Corp. when we do a lead based paint inspection on a house or multi-family building or housing complex we make sure to go over all the components as we certified by the environmental protection agency EPA of the state New York, we go over all the public lobbies and public hallways including the lead paint inspection the public walls and ceilings and metal doors and door frames by doing the lead paint inspection on a apartment we start with the foyer walls and doors, and door frames by taking the XRF testing in a apartment we watch no to point the machine on the apartments residents than we do the lead paint inspection in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, by testing on the walls for lead paint, ceilings and doors, plus the door frames and window frames, after the inspection is dune we provide in the same 24 hours for the house owner the test results, ABCZ Consulting Corp. are license EPA lead paint inspectors to inspected a apartment for lead based paint dust with dust wipes clearance test we go in the apartment and we test the window wall/ window sill/ floor/ and we take the samples to a new York city department of health certified laboratory to analyze the dust samples we provide the dust test results for the owner in 24 hour from the time we do the lead paint testing call-917-803-9156.
 Asbestos removal asbestos violation removal.
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